Friday, April 20, 2012

When you enter a Blog Hop you get to put the same linky code on your blog, and that exact list will appear on all blogs that participate in the hop. This means that when visitors submit their link on any blog that contains the list, it will simultaneously appear on all the other blogs that have the Blog Hop code! 

The advantage is two-fold: 1) bloggers will be able to see your link on blogs you've never visited because your link will appears in the blog hop of all participating blogs; 2) every entry made on the hop (at anyone participating blog), will count as a "visit" on your page too!  

So if you want to "HOP" from blog to blog and get more traffic, more followers and more friends, check some of the hops I have listed below! 

11. Hoppin' Weekend
12. Wordless Wednesday
13. Welcome Wednesday

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